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Fellowship Bible Church truly seeks to help meet the spiritual needs of each individual, no matter what stage of life they may be in.

One of the best ways to grow spiritually is by specific studies in God’s Word. However, one study may be more beneficial for a young adult, while a different study would be more beneficial for someone who is middle-aged or older.

In order for each individual to learn scriptural truths that would be most applicative in their life, we have separated our Bible Studies based on life stages.

Homebuilder’s Bible Study

Associate Pastor Tyler Boring guides the Homebuilders Bible study through various studies from scripture dealing directly with issues of the home.

These studies vary as there are many family issues that scripture speaks of. DVD series, study books, and reading materials are some of the methods used in Homebuilders that help individuals to understand what the Bible says about preparing for marriage, strengthening a marriage, and raising children in a Godly way.

Whether you’re single and preparing for marriage, married and preparing for children, or married with children already, this study is for you!


Rather than having a separate Sunday School, teens are also invited to attend the Homebuilder’s study, as much of the material will be of the utmost importance just a few years down the road.

Many teenagers never truly learn how to prepare for a mate by being the right kind of mate first, or how to properly and Biblically handle conflict within the home—lessons that teens will learn while participating in the Homebuilders study.

Parents find that the Homebuilders study opens doors for important discussions that their teens may not have been open to beforehand.