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Past Sermon Recordings, Reverse-Chronological Order

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12-31-17 AM: The Last Day of 2017

12-24-17 AM: The Hope of the World, Jesus Christ

12-17-17 AM: A Savior is Born

12-10-17 PM: A Season of Rejoicing

12-3-17 PM: A Season of Worship

12-3-17 AM: Missions, One Thing God Expects Every Church to Do

11-26-17 PM: Our Greatest Adversary

11-26-17 AM: Advent

11-19-17 PM: A Psalm of Praise

11-19-17 AM: Give Thanks, Even for the Small Things


11-14-17 Tuesday: Get Rid of Frogs! (Part 1 & 2)

11-13-17 Monday: What is Your Purpose? (Part 1 & 2)

11-12-17 PM: Be a Missionary (Part 1 & 2)

11-12-17 AM: Courage to Witness (Part 1 & 2)

11-5-17 PM: Loneliness

10-29-17 PM: Pride vs. Humility

10-29-17 AM: Salvation by Grace, or Works?

10-22-17 PM: Anger

10-22-17 AM: Grace

10-15-17 PM: Defeating Giants

10-15-17 AM: Faith

10-8-17 AM: What Does God Say About Violence?

10-1-17 AM: God, Our Exceeding Great Reward

9-24-27 AM: How Can I Have True Joy?

9-17-17 AM: Vic Metzler Day

Part 2

Part 1

9-10-17 PM: The Awakening of Joseph’s Brothers

9-10-17 AM: Stand

9-3-17 PM: Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out

9-3-17 AM: The Great Need for A National Day of Prayer

8-27-17 PM: Will You Be A Shepherd? – Jan Milton, Operation Renewed Hope

Part 2

Part 1

8-27-17 AM: They Had No Shepherd – Jan Milton, Operation Renewed Hope

Part 2

Part 1

8-20-17 PM: When Dreams Come True

8-20-17 AM: How Citizens of This Nation Can Live in Peace with Each Other

8-13-17 PM: The School of Affliction

8-13-17 AM: What Does God Say About Charlottesville?

8-6-17 PM: Missionary Carl Gormley, Philippines

8-6-17 AM: Missionary Carl Gormley, Philippines

7-30-17 AM: Vessels That God Can Use

6-25-17 PM: Nobody Asked Me – Joseph Part 1

6-25-17 AM: Andrew Boring Dedication

6-18-17 AM: Father’s Day,

Emma Moss Dedication

6-11-17 PM: The Root of Bitterness

6-11-17 AM: Trustworthiness of the Bible (Part 1)

6-4-17 PM: Why Do You Serve Christ?

6-4-17 AM: Trust God, Not Yourself

5-21-17 PM: Help For Workaholics

5-21-17 AM: We Are Not Who We Think We Are

5-14-17 AM: Mother’s Day

5-7-17 AM: What is Going to Happen to Me When I Die?

4-30-17 PM: What to do when you feel Tempted 

4-30-17 AM: Jesus and Repentance

4-23-17 PM: Be an Example

4-23-17 AM: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

4-2-17 AM: What Were Jesus and His Disciples Doing Two Weeks Before Easter?

3-19-17 PM: The Blessing of Forgiveness

3-19-17 AM: Who is God? Part 1

3-5-17 PM: Social Issues and “The Social Gospel”

3-5-17 AM: “The Shack” and the Bible

2-26-17 PM: Sleeping Like a Baby in Time of Trouble

2-26-17 AM: Does Jesus Care

2-19-17 AM: How to Overcome Procrastination, Rick Grubbs
*Rick Grubbs is Founder and Director of Redeeming the Time Ministries, Radio Minister

2-16-17 AM: Chad Connelly

2-12-17 PM: Hold Fast Your Profession of Faith, Pastor David Weeks

2-12-17 AM: Allen Williams Ordination Service

2-5-17 PM: Caught in Sin

2-5-17 AM: Family Devotions, Part 2

1-29-17 PM: What God says about Abortion

1-29-17 AM: Family Devotions equal Happy, Healthy Home

1-22-17: Hope for America

1-15-17: Pressing Toward the Mark

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